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Jim Carrey Speech – Ask The Universe For What You Want

I stumbled across this link via Facebook and didn’t realize just how profound this speech was going to be.   Please take the 20 minutes to watch the entire speech.  It’s amazing.  Jim Carrey’s words were a confirmation to me that everything we want from this one life is ready for the taking….I truly hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

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#taggedbykindness – Update

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When I first shared the #taggedbykindness project I had no idea the impact.  This was a fun little project that I thought would spread some positive vibes out in the universe and maybe up my positive karma.

A quick recap:  I started leaving decorated tags in books that I was returning to the library.  I posted about this and began collaborating with some of my artist friends from different states.  I mailed them 5 – they mailed 5 back.  We hash tagged them with #taggedbykindness and added this website and what state they were from on the back.  So far we have tags out in: New Jersey, Nebraska, Maine, Illinois and California.  I also just mailed a few to someone in Idaho recently.  We no longer just add them to returned library books – they’re being sprinkled in movie theatres, coffee shops, restaurants and anywhere else that seems right.

I made a presentation last month with a local elementary school Early Act Club.  The kids loved the idea and created tags for a local nursing home they visit.

Tags from Nebraska

Tags from Nebraska

I think what has made this project take flight is the love, creativity and talent of my Carriers of Kindness.  You know who you are!  Your support, your commitment and determination in keeping this project going is amazing.  I love each and every one of you and appreciate so much your dedication to this little project.  Let’s keep going!  I’d love to see this project go to at least all 50 states and would be thrilled to have it take off globally.

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Tags from Illinois

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Tags from Maine

There are still big things happening.  I’m going back to the Early Act Club and actually to another school to share the project.  Word is slowly spreading and I believe this project is beginning to take flight.  Thank you to everyone who has become a part of this project and has taken it on as their own.  This random act of kindness shares positivity and brightens days.  Being kind is free – it doesn’t cost a thing.  If you are interested in joining the #taggedbykindness movement – drop me a line!  Imagine what we can do with all this positivity.

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda…

Coulda woulda shoulda

I recently began an art journal collaboration with one of my dear friends.  We work independently for one month following a list of prompts and then mail the journal to each other and again work independently in the other persons journal.  This is a wonderful project that really has my brain working overtime creatively and my soul searching through introspection.

The most recent prompt was “If I could do it all again would I change anything?” Hmmm…now this certainly brings up some feels.  I thought a lot about the struggles I’ve had in my life – some small…some not so small.  I know for a fact that I didn’t always handle adversity with an open heart or mind.  My patterns of denial, overwhelming sadness or straight up anger I’m sure didn’t contribute to any kind of internal resolution.  The road to becoming who I am today has been bumpy, winding and most often uphill. But this is my own private road and I’ve learned to navigate the curves.

What good is the coulda, shoulda, woulda game though? I am who I am because of personal growth.  All the bruises that I’ve accumulated along the way have gently molded my soul.  I really feel that 20/20 hindsight minimizes the journey.  If I had a magic wand and could change the past I’d take a pass.  For all the ugly that there has been – the stupid choices, the venom of anger, the sting of regret, the hollow of sadness…there has been immense joy.  The moments where my heart has exploded with love, the chills from feeling the feels, the warmth of pride.  I wouldn’t change one step of this journey.  This journey of growth although sometimes painful is also filled with pure love.  Changing any of the unpleasantness would take away from the hustle.  We are who we are because of the journey.  I worked hard to become this person and I want to feel every second of it.