A Twist on the Five Friday Feels


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Friday’s Here!

This is usually where I tell you about five things that I am feeling this week.  Today I’m tossing in a slight plot twist.  I spent the better part of this week recognizing “moments” as they happened.  I’m not sure the reason.  Maybe the planets, moon and stars were all aligned for me this week.  Maybe I’m finally finding a little inner peace.  Whatever the case may be I found that my soul was recognizing “moments” quite regularly this week.  I wasn’t rushing as much as I’m used to.  I took a few more deep breaths.

I took my dog for a walk this week over at our local reservoir.  The morning was overcast but it really didn’t look like rain.  I walked about half way around the reservoir when rain lightly began to fall.  I was half way around.  Either way you cut it – whether I turned back or I moved forward – I was going the same distance.

I decided on moving forward. A few more steps in and it began to pour.  Large raindrops soaked through my sweatshirt. My sneakers were drenched.  The dog…well she was soaked through as well.  I looked out across the reservoir to the other side and something rather amazing happened.  The sun began peeking through the gray sky and reflected a beautiful path of light on to the water.  The sight was breath taking.  The ripples from the rain drops were highlighted and shimmered across the entire body of water.  I thought about taking a picture but sometimes what your mind captures is more than enough.  The sun was there for only a few minutes and then receded back into a completely gray sky.  The rain continued to pour down.  If I wasn’t paying attention I would have missed that “moment”.

Reflecting back on that moment I believe it was a clear metaphor about everyday life.  We have the choice to turn back or move forward every day.  Either way you go the same distance.  You put in the same amount of effort.

I’m choosing to move forward.  I hope you do too.  My wish for all of us is that we get to experience more “moments” of clarity.  I hope we continue to be present every day as not to miss those “feels”.

Happy Friday everybody!  Five Friday Feels will be back next week.

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