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Counting Blessings


There’s no secret here.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  While I do enjoy the tremendous amounts of food that I lovingly prepare for my family,  from the big old turkey (I bought a 27 pounder this year – not sure who I thought was coming) all the way down to my can shaped cranberry sauce,  the aromas from our Thanksgiving meal are lovely but it’s the meaning behind this holiday that really makes me happy.  Having a heart filled with gratitude is a wonderful way to live this one beautiful life we are given.

I try very hard to have a grateful heart on a daily basis.  There are times when it’s a little more difficult then others.   When I do have a hard day I take a moment to pause and tell myself that bad days are temporary.  This brief moment of pause allows me the time I need to compartmentalize my problem’s smallness.  The little rough patches are so tiny in comparison to the abundant blessings that surround me.  I’ve made a choice recently to work harder on being open, light and more grateful.  Pettiness, small thinking and asking “why me” will never propel me forward.

I hope that recognizing and acknowledging our blessings allow us the opportunity to shine a little brighter, love a little harder and make our lives filled with joy one drop at a time.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I hope you enjoy a beautiful holiday filled with a basket of overflowing abundance.


Star Gazing

Star Gazing

At 5:50 in the morning it’s still pretty dark here.  This morning was no different.  I was rushing (shocker) because I chose to watch TV last night instead of making lunches for the kids.  As I was gathering sandwiches and water bottles my son said “Hey Mom you should look outside.  You can see all the stars in the sky and they’re blue.  They look really nice.”

Immediate pause.  Deep breath.  Wow. Insert Oprah Aha moment.  I love the fact that something in this wonderful life made him stop and pause for a moment.  I love that he appreciated the beauty of the stars this morning when many of us adults just take for granted that they’re twinkling in the sky.  Most importantly I love the fact that he wanted to share something so beautiful with me.

Children notice way more than we think they do.  They sit in the background and breathe it all in.  They make us giggle.  Sometimes they make us cry.  And sometimes if you’re lucky they give you the gift of gazing at the stars.

Jim Carrey Speech – Ask The Universe For What You Want

I stumbled across this link via Facebook and didn’t realize just how profound this speech was going to be.   Please take the 20 minutes to watch the entire speech.  It’s amazing.  Jim Carrey’s words were a confirmation to me that everything we want from this one life is ready for the taking….I truly hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Click on Picture for Link

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Keeping a PMA

PMAPositive Mental Attitude

Where does it come from and how do you keep it?

The universe has a funny way of dropping a big ole’ mind battle right into your morning coffee sometimes.  You’re reading the newspaper with your slippers on and the next thing you know your mind is taken over with negative thoughts of situations that you have no way of controlling. Maybe it’s a verbal bomb someone left for you.  Or you saw something on Facebook that struck a nerve.  Maybe you’re recalling that time you were standing on the soccer sideline and heard an opposing parent say something to your child on the field.  These things have all happened to me.  I consider myself a pretty positive person…hence the Soul-Positive website.  But after all I am also human.

The easiest form of rationalizing for me seems to be oozing a stream of negative thoughts on a reel inside my head.  I completely internalize everything.  My worries have worries.  I lay it out in my brain, cut it open and dissect it some more until I am completely overwhelmed.  I think this is human nature and it can be a pattern a lot of us get caught up in.  I allow myself that short period of time to purge all my negativity – even if it’s only in my own brain.  I think that’s healthy mentally for me.  A huge problem arises when you allow yourself to move in to that negative space and unpack.  That is something that I will not allow myself to do.

After purging the negative – brick by brick I begin building up the positive.  Positivity gets threaded on that reel and I start to think of all the ways that I can accept the things that I cannot change.   There are situations in our lives that are just beyond our control.  I can control exactly one person – ME.  What someone says or does, how they treat me, how they conduct themselves – that’s not my concern.  How I react to these situations is my concern.  Keeping a Positive Mental Attitude and remaining mentally fit during these times takes a conscious effort.  PMA is not just three beautifully strung words – it’s something you have to work towards constantly, you have to own it and believe in it.  And most importantly – you have to WANT it.  

Can it ever be mastered?  My short answer is no.  I don’t think you ever master having a Positive Mental Attitude 24/7.  Even the most positive of people have their share of dark clouds.  But I do believe that you can manage a Positive Mental Attitude.  Recognizing your thoughts are just that – your thoughts, they’re not facts, they’re not set in concrete.  You can control your feelings.
Being conscious of your thought patterns and embracing the positivity will foster a healthy PMA environment.  Isn’t that really what we all want?  We want to manage our lives – the good, the bad, the ugly and the uglier.  We want to be able to function when the universe drops a worry on our doorstep.  Keeping your mind open, uncluttered of negativity will ease your way into managing a Positive Mental Attitude.  Negativity has a purpose but it’s purpose is brief.  Positivity is the big guy…he needs all the room he can get to help you lead a successful, happy and POSITIVE life.