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Mondays are for Regroupin’

Welcome Back Monday – You Ole’ Son of a Gun.

Monday’s are inevitable.  They’re creeping around the bend as you put on your pajamas Sunday night.  Sometimes Monday’s can be a real drag.  Some of us have to go back to our 9 to 5’s.  Some of us have chores a mile long waiting for us.  Most of us have a week long list of dinners to think about.  Either way Monday’s can sometimes make you want to stay in bed.

Monday’s don’t always have to be the party pooper.

For me I use Monday to regroup after a weekend filled with often chaotic activities and a schedule that is defined by the clock.  I welcome Monday in with a cup of tea.  I take the moments I need to think about my week.  Where do the kids have to be?  What household goals do I need to achieve this week?  Are there appointments?  Are there school projects that are due?  I make it a point to include in my thoughts some mini goals that I would like to achieve this week that will make my soul happy – even if it’s just an hour of working in my art journal.  Scheduling in time for ourselves is essential to helping us be better moms, dads, husbands, wives and friends.  I feel fulfilled if I put aside some time for myself.  This carries over into my day to day life.  I don’t believe this to be selfish.  I believe it a necessity to continued self awareness and growth as a human being.

I realize not everyone can take all of Monday to regroup.  I’m not suggesting you call in sick every Monday to figure out the week ahead.   But why not get up just 15-20 minutes earlier and make yourself a cup of something and enjoy the calm while gathering your thoughts for the week?  Starting the week off positively can change the way your entire week plays out.  I think we all deserve that.

Hope you have a Soul-Positive Week!