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Roben-Marie Smith Design Team Blog Hop


Today kicks off the Roben-Marie Smith Design Team Summer Blog Hop with a Twist. We have the usual art inspiration and giveaways, but the twist is that there is also a SALE!

There is another twist; Roben-Marie will be closing Paperbag Studios and her Art Shop at the end of July. Read more about it in this article here.

Keep reading after my Mini Wall Hanging Tutorial for all the AMAZING Blog Hop Details!

Mini Wall Hanging

Initially when I sat down to create this project I envisioned a pin.  But somehow along the way I decided that a mini wall hanging with yummy dyed ribbon would be so much better.

I began by gathering all my supplies.  These included:

  • I’ll Wait For You Art Pops Collection
  • Mixed Media Essentials Paperbag Studios Stamp Set
  • Black Staz On Ink
  • Mini Archival Ink – Teal & Purple
  • Random Frayed and Torn Pieces of Material
  • Mindy Lacefield True Free Spirit Stamp
  • Mini Alphabet Stamps
  • Dyed Ribbon
  • Scrap Canvas Pieces
  • Fusible Web
  • Epoxy
  • Sewing Machine

Step 1: Iron the scrap pieces of fabric and attach fusible web to the back of the largest piece of fabric.  This will be your base.  My base was a piece of denim from my old favorite pair of capri pants.  What does the fusible web do you ask?  Well, it makes your base a bit sturdier.  Will felt work if you don’t have fusible web?  I believe it will.  You will have to attach it to your large piece of fabric somehow.  I am a big fan of epoxy.  That will work.

Step 2; Arrange your fabric into layers.  Do not worry about them matching perfectly.  Let the strings hang off.  Over lap each piece of fabric.  This is your project – the wonkier the fabric layers – the better.  Trust me! Fray those edges.  Pull those strings!


Step 3: Add your Art Pop Card right on top of your layers and sew them all together.  Make sure you catch all the fabric pieces and run them through the sewing machine at least once.  If you’ve followed me for a while you know – I don’t stitch straight lines.  Neither should you here.  Stitch away – let the machine do the work.  Change the thread if you’re ambitious.

Step 4: Using Black Staz On Ink – stamp your image on to your piece of scrap canvas.

Step 5: Cut out your image.

Step 6: Pick a word or phrase.  I often use tiny alphabet sets for my words.  For this wall hanging I used a Mindy Lacefield stamp for the True and then a mini stamp set for the word friend.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to your words and phrases.  My inspiration for these words came from knowing that this was my last design team project and I wanted Roben-Marie to know how much I really appreciated her confidence in me.  Choose the words that mean something to your own heart.

Step 7: After stamping, I stitched all around the center of the flower and attached my True Friend tag.  I love using different colored thread so I often switch thread colors.

A slight disclaimer here – Attaching the ribbon on both the top and the bottom of the wall hanging took a few tries.

Step 8: I attached the ribbon with tiny dots of epoxy to hold them into place down at the bottom of the wall hanging.  I really couldn’t get the pins to sit correctly down there so one tiny dot of epoxy and I sewed in a crooked line back and forth a few times to ensure those little ribbons weren’t going anywhere.

Step 9: Now this was the tricky part….I cut strips of ribbon and folded them in half.  The closed end I pinned to the top of the wall hanging.  This left the two pieces up top open to tie to my stick. I then stitched right across to attach those ribbons.

Step 10: I placed a small stick through the ribbon and tied little knots to hold it into place.  You may have to play with this a bit to make sure it hangs evenly.  A friendly tip:  Use long pieces of ribbon.  You can always trim after you tie them….um, the ribbon doesn’t grow no matter how hard you wish… least that’s what “I heard from a friend…” Ha Ha.

And Ta-Dahhhhh…You have a mini wall hanging.  I hope you enjoyed this step out tutorial and look forward to seeing what you create with your mixed media art.  Make sure you visit all the Design Team blogs and enter to win some fabulous prizes.

This last project is bittersweet for me.  I am humbled and honored to have been a member of Roben-Marie’s Design team.  I have grown tremendously as an artist and am so thankful to Roben-Marie for asking me to be a part of such a wonderfully talented group of ladies.  My heart will forever be grateful that I had an opportunity to work so closely with such amazing artists.

And now for all the amazing blog hop details….

Grand Prize: One winner will receive a spot in Roben-Marie’s latest workshop: SALVAGED: a Layered Pieces Journal and a signed and dated original abstract collage by her.
Three Secondary Prizes: gift certificates for an additional 30% off in your choice of the Paperbag Studios or Art Shop.

Be sure to visit the other blogs in the hop and leave a comment to increase your chances of winning the discount!

All you have to do to enter is comment on this blog post and then keep on hopping across to all of the Design Team member’s posts, leave a comment on them and be entered with more chances to win. Giveaway closes on Sunday, July 15 @ 9:00PMEST. Prizes will be announced on Monday, July 16.

Here are the links to all of the amazing Design Team Projects so be sure to visit all of them, leave a comment and increase your chances of winning!

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Roben-Marie Smith’s Design Team 2018 – EEEEEEK Pinch Me!

I am so happy to announce that I am a member of Roben-Marie Smith’s Design Team for 2018.  I will never forget the day earlier this year when Roben-Marie asked me to be a team member for 2017.  The fact that she again believes in me and wants me to be a part of her team is a HUGE honor.  I am so thankful to be creating alongside AMAZING artists.

Click HERE to read all about us!  I hope you’ll follow our journeys and play along as we create new projects with the beautiful products from Roben-Marie and her Paperbag Studios.

My latest project goes live on Roben-Marie’s blog November 25th.

Roben-Marie Smith’s Design Team Blog Hop and Giveaway

Exciting News Friends! Roben-Marie Smith has a brand new Art Pops™ Collection entitled 100 Days inspired by her recently completed beautiful 100 Days Project.

Today Roben-Marie’s Design Team is showcasing this gorgeous new collection with a Blog Hop sharing all of our projects. Oh and did I mention there’s a GIVEAWAY?  Lucky You!  One of my readers will receive this brand new collection as a FREE download.  This all leads up to Roben-Marie’s new class Fabrilage.  Please make sure you follow the links at the bottom of the post and stop by all the blogs for chances to win the free download and a FREE spot in the class!


I knew that for this project I wanted to really showcase the 100 Days Art Pops™ Collection. I decided that the best way to make the colors POP was to use black cardstock as my background.  I began by cutting 6 pieces of black cardstock – 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.  I then rounded the corners.  Four pieces were used for the pages and the other two pieces will be used later to cover the stitching.

I glued a different strip of Art Pops™ on to 4 pieces of cardstock and added small circles from the collection.


Using a Signo White Gel Pen I drew scallops around the circles.  I splatter painted each piece of cardstock with white and fluorescent pink acrylic paint.

I printed a few photos and began tearing them to make the edges a bit messy.

I used an UHU Glue Stick to adhere the pictures to each piece of cardstock.  I have an old book that I use for found poetry words and decided that for each flower I would add a few words that corresponded to the photo. I knew I wanted to hand stamp on some fabric and use that as basically the centerpiece of the book.  I save most of my fabric scraps from other projects and dug around until I found a piece that I felt matched my project.  I went ahead and sewed the fabric to the cardstock and around the edges of all the cardstock pieces using my sewing machine.  As a little extra POP I added three additional circles from the Collection just above the stamped fabric.  I always leave long pieces of strings when I sew on paper.  I think this adds more color and additional textures to my pieces.

Now the tricky part.  I began by taping the cardstock pieces together using washi tape.  Initially I thought I would stitch everything together but that just wasn’t working out for me.  So instead I used the washi tape.  Not only did I love the look of the washi tape – it was also functional.  The washi really kept the book together.

I added two of the larger cards from the Art Pops™ Collection as the cover and the back flap.  This covered the stitching on the backs of the first and last cardstock pieces.  I added those two last plain black pieces to cover the stitching on the middle cards.  I used my UHU Glue Stick to adhere everything.  My sizing was  a pinch wonky and didn’t match up perfectly.  This tends to happen when you are not a precise trimmer.  Not a problem.  I stitched sari ribbon to hide a bit of the wonkiness.  In the end the ribbon added more chunkiness and texture to my book.

I made a large paperclip using glue dots and two of the circles from the 100 Days Collection.  I stamped a sentiment on the front cover and voila – Project Complete!  I hope you enjoyed this step out!  Don’t forget to leave a comment with your email to be entered into the drawing for a free 100 Days Art Pops™ download.  My comments section is monitored so don’t be alarmed if your comment doesn’t pop up right away!  I will be checking periodically throughout the day and approving them all. 

Follow the links at the end of this post to see the beautiful projects created by my fellow team members!

ART POPS™: the mixed media art pieces inspired by the whimsical, saturated pages of Roben-Marie’s art journals. ART POPS™ provide bold and fanciful POPS of COLOR for your favorite projects including Project Life, Mail Art, Art Journaling and much more. Rock your world with ART POPS™!

To celebrate the launch of Roben-Marie Smith’s new 100 Days ART POPS™ Collection we’re giving away not one, but two awesome prizes for this blog hop! There are three spots in Roben-Marie’s new online class, Fabrilage that opens on September 13 and I am giving away a set of the Digital 100 Days ART POPS™ Collection to one of my lucky readers!
All you have to do to enter is comment here on my blog and then keep on hopping across to all of the Design Team member’s posts, leave a comment on them and be entered with more chances to win.

Here are the links to all of the amazing Design Team Projects so be sure to go and check them all out to be in with the best chance of winning!

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Congratulations Suzanne Roper!  You won the FREE digital download from Roben-Marie!

Sunrise Inspiration

I live very close to the ocean.  This helps to make my soul happy.  I often head to the beach to clear my mind and get some much needed sand-between-my-toes therapy.  Last week I happened to be awake before dawn.  I said to myself that if I didn’t fall back to sleep within ten minutes I would take the opportunity to see the sunrise at the beach.

What a wonderful way to start my day.  About an hour after I took this picture the sky turned gray and the rain poured down in buckets.  Luckily I was able to find a handful of small treasures before the rains came.

I find a ton of inspiration in tiny sea treasures.  The varying colors of sea glass, the textures of shells, the smooth roundness of stones…there are so many little details in each piece.  I brought my pieces home and used them as inspiration for my latest tag.

I started by painting the tag black.  This matched the color of the stone.  I added a deep purple to represent the piece of clam shell.  I added some deli underpaper to mimic the color and texture of the white sea glass.  Stencils added even more color and texture.  I loved the swirls in the snail shells.   Rae Missigman’s Boxy Bloom stamp set offers the best flower for swirls.  I added acrylic paint on the stamp and then stamped the image onto a piece of scrap fabric.   Before sewing, I added a small piece of matching fabric to peek out from under the image.  Using my sewing machine I stitched a turquoise swirl in the center of the flower image and added two small purple X’s in the top left corner.

Last minute I decided to add organic elements by gluing a few pieces of sea glass to the tag.  I am still unsure how I feel about adding those pieces but I do love that these are pieces that will remind me of such a beautiful morning where I was able to find some peace and start my morning taking in all the beauty and quiet that is around me.