Five Friday Feels


What I’m feelin’ this week:

1. Moo Cards


I heard about Moo Cards a few years ago.  And was reminded of their awesomeness by one of the artists I follow on Instagram.  I like the variety of shapes and sizes Moo offers as well as the option to upload your own artwork to have on your cards.  Not limited to cards Moo also offers stickers – let’s face it, who doesn’t love a sticker?

2. Twin Soul Art Studio


I’m going to gush a little over Twin Soul Art Studio.  I do have a slight addiction to rubber stamps.  This borderline hoarding addiction of stamps goes way back.  I wanted to get rubber stamps made for my #taggedbykindness project.  I had ordered from Jeanne before and have followed her for sometime on social media.  Her work is impeccable and absolutely flawless.  Jeanne was fabulous, friendly and patient when I contacted her 20 times with questions regarding sizing, fonts and stamp ideas.  Her turn around time was quick and her prices are extremely reasonable.  You really aren’t limited in what can be turned into a rubber stamp.  Please check out Jeanne’s Etsy Shop and see all the wonderful stamps she creates.  I have my eye on a few others already.

3. More Love Letters


Attention all you letter writers and
Random Act of Kindness lovers: this site is for you.

Created by Hannah Brencher, More Love Letters is a global organization that collects handwritten love letter bundles for individuals who are struggling and need some words of encouragement.  I stumbled across Hannah’s Instagram account and loved her message of positivity.  I was lucky enough to get on her Monday Morning email list and learned more about this awesome person!  MLL started three years ago when Hannah moved to New York after college.  She began leaving anonymous love letters throughout the city encouraging people to keep on truckin’ and letting them know that they mattered.  This Random Act of Kindness evolved into More Love Letters.  You can read more about Hannah’s story on their site. She recently published a book “If You Find This Letter” which is a memoir that documents her journey.  I love Hannah and all of her encouragement.  I am amazed at her openness and honesty.  Her Monday morning emails are full of encouragement and truthfully make me feel like she’s one of my besties.

4. ReJuiceanation


Peanut Butter Dream.  Three words that quite frankly make me smile ear to ear.  Lately this has been my go to spot for a smoothie.  You guys know I’m a big smoothie freak and I usually make them at home but I LOVE Rejuiceanation.  I get the added energy boost because let’s face it – I can use all the energy I can get.

5. Jason Mraz – Living in the Moment

My super art soul sister Amy from Fearless Lines Blog gave me the 411 on this song.  I had never heard it before and we had been discussing life and how lately I’ve been feeling all these feels and just really recognizing and then acknowledging the “moments” as they come.  Well then Amy tells me about this song and says “you’ll be singing it for the rest of the day”.  Of course I did.  Great song that made my soul do a little happy dance!  I hope you enjoy it!  Have a great weekend everybody!  Stay Positive.




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