Five Friday Feels – The Instagram Edition

Five Friday Feels

I am addicted to Instagram.  I freely admit this.  A flaw?  Maybe.  But I do enjoy seeing snap shots of people’s lives.  I’ve met some really fun folks via Instagram.  Here are five Instagram accounts (in random order) that I follow either through Soul-Positive or my own private account.  I have a ton more…but it’s only FIVE Friday Feels… (sigh).

1. @littlepaperlane


Oh how I adore Jayde.  She is astonishingly real.  She posts about her shop, the mouth watering products in her shop and about her family which includes a husband, two gorgeous sweet children and a big ole’ white dog named Coco who’s always in mischief.   You can also find her at her other account @littlebeautylane.  Either account she has the funniest hastags on IG.  Jayde is the real deal.  A total no nonsense genuine gal.  Bonus:  She loves the Ray Ban Mirror Aviator Sunglasses as does this girl so I assume if we lived closer we’d be BFF’s.

2. @stevemaraboli

photo (1)

Dr. Steve Maraboli is everything he claims to be – a life changing speaker.  His pearls of wisdom keep me loving myself and never settling for second best.  No sugar coating.  Just good old hard truth facing words that make you stronger after reading them.

3. @thebakermama

photo (4)

Not only do we share a love of baking but we also really love our kids.  The photos @thebakermama posts are so delicious looking.  I love how she bakes with her little boys too.  They are absolutely adorable.  Most times she posts the recipe for the baked goods on her website.  This is a win win if you see something you like – you can go right online and grab the recipe.  This makes my sugar coated heart so happy.

4. @easytigerco

photo (2)

You had me at Easy Tiger….the company’s name.  Sweet Lord above this is the coolest name for a company.  That being said – they have some seriously rad products.  How do I know this?  Well let’s just say that Easy Tiger also enjoys an IG giveaway from time to time.  I have won pilsner glasses and a $25 gift certificate to their shop in which I picked out a red t-shirt that reads “blah blah blah”….hence furthering my love of all things t-shirt.  What initially attracted me to Easy Tiger was the fact that they sell greeting cards (hilarious greeting cards btw) in vending machines.  How cool is that?  And they drive a mack daddy green van.  I enjoy seeing all their new products and the way the company has been growing over the course of the last year.  I find the people behind Easy Tiger to be super cool as we’ve conversed via email and IG DM a few times and they are seriously nice people.

5. @soworthloving

photo (3)

So Worth Loving is a Lifestyle Brand that was established in 2011.  Their feed is filled with beautiful pictures showcasing their clothing line.  The best thing about So Worth Loving is their company motto which reads “No matter your past mistakes, relationship status, or career choice, you are worthy of love.  Love you.  Love people.” Included in many of their pictures are inspirational quotes and stories from real people who have struggled but made the best of their situations.  The feed is so uplifting and encouraging.  I must admit…I have two t-shirts and the groovy mid calf socks.  Seriously give this account a follow…you won’t be sorry.

This wraps up the Five Friday Feels for this week.  I hope you’ll take a minute and check out these Instagram accounts.

The weekend is here – enjoy the hell out of it!

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