New #taggedbykindness Happenings

rubber stamp pic

Today I am so excited to share the #taggedbykindess project with a local elementary school in my town.  Their Early Act Club (a branch of Rotary International) has invited me again this year to come and share the project and make small random acts of kindness with the children.  Check out my new custom stamp that I had made for the back of the tags.  I’m so happy with the way it turned out and think this will really help to spread our message.  I had Jeanne from Twin Soul Studio create the stamp.  You can link to Jeanne’s Etsy Shop here.  I highly recommend Jeanne’s services.  She’s amazingly talented.

I promise to take a lot of pictures and will post our masterpieces this week.  The project has been really getting a lot of exposure and I am thrilled.  Please follow our journey on Instagram.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!



6 thoughts on “New #taggedbykindness Happenings

  1. Tracey Brummer

    Love your project…. And love you are showing kids how to be kind…. And creative.. Two great things.. love you and all you do!😘😘😘

  2. Kirby-jay C

    Love your project and hope to learn more! I am actually in the process of creating my very 1st project with the sole purpose of adding a dash of ‘positivity’ to the world, so this is inspiring ☺

    1. AdministratorSP Post author

      Thank you. I’m excited for you to start a project too. Would love to talk to you. I will hit you up via email. 🙂


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