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Sunrise Inspiration

I live very close to the ocean.  This helps to make my soul happy.  I often head to the beach to clear my mind and get some much needed sand-between-my-toes therapy.  Last week I happened to be awake before dawn.  I said to myself that if I didn’t fall back to sleep within ten minutes I would take the opportunity to see the sunrise at the beach.

What a wonderful way to start my day.  About an hour after I took this picture the sky turned gray and the rain poured down in buckets.  Luckily I was able to find a handful of small treasures before the rains came.

I find a ton of inspiration in tiny sea treasures.  The varying colors of sea glass, the textures of shells, the smooth roundness of stones…there are so many little details in each piece.  I brought my pieces home and used them as inspiration for my latest tag.

I started by painting the tag black.  This matched the color of the stone.  I added a deep purple to represent the piece of clam shell.  I added some deli underpaper to mimic the color and texture of the white sea glass.  Stencils added even more color and texture.  I loved the swirls in the snail shells.   Rae Missigman’s Boxy Bloom stamp set offers the best flower for swirls.  I added acrylic paint on the stamp and then stamped the image onto a piece of scrap fabric.   Before sewing, I added a small piece of matching fabric to peek out from under the image.  Using my sewing machine I stitched a turquoise swirl in the center of the flower image and added two small purple X’s in the top left corner.

Last minute I decided to add organic elements by gluing a few pieces of sea glass to the tag.  I am still unsure how I feel about adding those pieces but I do love that these are pieces that will remind me of such a beautiful morning where I was able to find some peace and start my morning taking in all the beauty and quiet that is around me.


Exciting News: A Rebirth



Although I have not been writing about things in a timely manner, there are wonderful happenings over here at Soul-Positive.

A bit of background: With the growth of the #taggedbykindness project – I found myself at a crossroads.  I had received numerous requests to purchase my tags and to have the project shared.  This excited me as well as frightened me do death.  I didn’t have a crystal clear vision of where I wanted Soul-Positive or the #taggedbykindess project to go.  I saw bits and pieces and dreamed big for the future but how the heck was I going to tie it all together without freaking out?   How could I marry the two of these entities together without having overlap and probably mass confusion .  I needed baby steps and it seemed like things were moving incredibly fast. < Insert deep breath here.>

The most important aspect of all this was how to continue sharing #taggedbykindess while still maintaining the integrity of the project and not having it stolen right out from under me.  Sadly these things do happen and the more the word spread of #taggedbykindess, the greater the risk of losing control of the project growth or losing the project altogether.  From the very beginning I wanted the #taggedbykindness project to be a random act of kindness initiative where the only profit was that of positive vibes exchanged between the giver and the receiver.  I do realize that not everyone is “artistic” or “crafty” and many of my close friends were asking how they could purchase these tags to giveaway.  This left me scratching my head.  Is it wrong to make tags and sell them?  Would this be “selling out”?  Several friends suggested that I at the very least be compensated for the materials.  Is the integrity of the project going to be compromised by this?  Yes – as you can see I am an over thinker.  This is not always a bad thing.

So after much thought and a consultation with a patent attorney, I have decided to move forward with a few changes.  The biggest change is the name of the kindness project.  I will no longer be using #taggedbykindness as the project name.  Please allow me to introduce to you “The #Soulpositivefinds Kindness Art Project”.  This new name fits nicely under the big umbrella of Soul-Positive.  I thought long and hard over the new name and came to the conclusion that when I started this journey my focus was exploring different ways to keep my soul positive. My little random act of kindness project has grown (and I have grown in the process).  I felt that this project needed to be linked to the overall mission of Soul-Positive. The new hashtag is #soulpositivefinds.

What is the mission of Soul-Positive?  The mission remains the same as it did a few years ago.  I want to continue to find ways to keep my soul positive when there seems to be an overwhelming amount of negativity swirling about in the universe.  I, like most of the people I know want a full, happy life.  I want to love hard.  I want to be loved.  I want to make a difference.

February 25 175

“Rosie” – Singer Featherweight

In addition to the kindness project name change….I have also reopened my Etsy store which is also called Soul Positive Finds.  See what I did there? In the shop you will find find art tags that are hand made with love, light and positive intention.  These tags are not a part of the #soulpositivefinds project.  These tags are more detailed and additional work is involved in the creation process.  These mixed media altered art tags are more a spiritual talisman of positive light and intention. I believe strongly in the power of words.  The art tags are hand painted, stamped and stitched on Rosie my Singer Featherweight machine.  In the future I will be adding small tag making kits and original canvas art as well as some t-shirts and tanks.

My work with the #soulpositivefinds project will continue.  I plan on sharing with more schools and community organizations in my area. I invite you to continue to share this project with others.  Please use our new hashtag – #soulpositivefinds.  If you are interested in having me come and share the project or if you need stamped tags please let me know.  I will gladly schedule a visit or send you blank tags that are stamped with our new name.  If you would like some tags made for you or for your group – please contact me through the Etsy shop. Or drop me a line here at Soul-Positive.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have joined me on this journey.  I never knew what to expect when I decided to open myself up and start actively working towards making Soul-Positive a reality.  You’ve encouraged me to dream big.  I am blessed to be surrounded by such a supportive community and for that my heart is immensely grateful.


Some Thoughts on Being Enough

Photo Cred: inspirationcollages.tumblr.com

She never did feel quite good enough.  Hair too short.  Body too big.  Crooked teeth.  Bushy eye brows.  Ugly shoes. Tried too hard.  Too much of something’s.  Too little of other things.

Hello and welcome to the majority of my life.

Raise your hand if you can relate?  Self doubt and insecurity are traits we all possess.  It’s not a welcome gift but one that we all commonly share.  Maybe my adjectives are different than yours but we all carry around something.

I’ve been thinking a lot about “being enough” lately.  I’ve wasted a lot of days (yikes…dare I say years?) worrying and wringing my hands over my short comings.  There are more than a few.  Surely it’s my (fill in the blank) that’s holding me back?

But what if we removed that kind of stinkin’ thinking?  What if instead of worrying about all the things we aren’t….we rejoice and celebrate all the things we are?  I read a quote once that said something along the lines of “Be kind to yourself.  It’s hard to be happy when someone is mean to you all the time.”  Wow – aha moment.  I would never speak to someone the way I speak to myself.  I’d never tell someone that their crooked teeth were ugly.  Or that their ass was huge in those jeans.  Why do I tell myself those things?

Being kind to each other is really important.  Being kind to yourself is more important.  You only truly have yourself in this world.  Yes – some of us have parents, husbands/wives, children,  friends, etc.  But you really are the only person that you can control.  Why not show a little love to yourself?  Be as gentle and understanding to yourself as you would to any friend.  Better yet – why not be your own best friend?

Life has a funny way of moving forward whether you take a seat or not.  I don’t want to waste another minute with inferiority.  We are all worth so much more.   I’m high fiving myself – quirks and all.  Who’s next in line for a high five?


Five Friday Feels



Fridays are fun days!  Each week I am going to share with you five things I’m feelin’…without further ado I bring you this week’s Five Friday Feels!


One: Canva


Canva is an amazing…I mean AH-May-Zing online graphics tool.  This girl does not have a software package to create eye pleasing pictures for this website or social media posts.  Low and behold here comes Canva to solve all my picture problems.  The best part about Canva?  The majority of pictures and layout templates are FREE.  You read that correctly…F-R-E-E.  And should you need a more elaborate layout or photo – oh they’re $1 each.  Folks this makes my heart sing.  This is a game changer.  What a very useful, economical tool to further your business.  A big shout out to Flea Market Funk for the recommendation.


Two: Pentel EnerGel Pens


I love these pens!  Not only are they available in super delicious colors.  They write so smooth.  They’re very easy to find.  Most big retail stores carry them in singles or multi packs.  I bought mine at Staples.  Staples conveniently has them at the register so when I’m waiting in line their dazzling rainbow colors call my name.


Three: PB 2 – Powdered Peanut Butter

untitled (2)

Where do I begin?  I enjoy Peanut Butter in my smoothies.  I do not enjoy the extra calories that peanut butter brings to my smoothies.  In walks PB 2.  Boom – life changer.  PB 2 has 85% less calories than traditional peanut butter.  I am currently crushing on the PB 2 with Premium Chocolate. Two tablespoons has only 45 calories and one gram of fat.  Need I say more?


Four:  WordPress To Go by Sarah McHarry

untitled (3)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this book. I bought this book with the hopes that it would finally move me forward in the process of creating a blog and website.  I purchased my domain name in January.  This was March and I was still no closer to figuring out WordPress than I was when I downloaded it.  Cheers to Sarah McHarry for writing a book that gives you the steps in laymen’s terms.  The book is split into two sections.  Lessons 1 through 8 cover the bare bones of how to get your site up and running.  Lessons 9 through 20 go even deeper once you feel comfortable with the set up of your site.  I will be forever grateful that I came across this book.


Five: The Lumineers –  “Stubborn Love”

I first heard of The Lumineers when their song “Ho Hey” became popular.  A few different songs kept popping up on my Cranberries radio station on Pandora.  Each time I would give them the thumbs up because overall I was digging their vibe.  And then I discovered “Stubborn Love” and I knew I was hooked for life.  With over four million views on You Tube I can see I’m not alone.  I may be late to this party but sign me up for the fan club.  Let me know when they come around because seriously folks, The Lumineers are a good time!


Weekends are for enjoying.  I hope you find something positive each day that makes your soul just a little bit happier.