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The Grace of Slowing Down

I always felt the end result was so much more important than the steps you took to get there.  I saw the picture posted on Instagram before I ever picked up a paint brush or took out the mixer.  I was writing the Facebook post in my head long before we were in the car heading to our destination.  Egotistically I assumed that it would be “picture worthy” or turn out exactly how my mind imagined it. If I analyzed this thought process and was really honest with myself I’d pictured the “likes” in my head too.

But as of late I’ve embraced the need to slow down.  I am thinking my projects through.  I’m quietly watching and listening to the signs around me.  I’ve been hearing those soul whispers…you know, the tiny breaths of “keep going” or sometimes “slow down”.  A perfect example is this website.  It’s not nearly as pretty as I imagined.  There’s not much content.  There are for sure pictures of things I’ve made that I could post.  It’s very important to me to document the evolution.  I don’t have an end result picture in my mind.  Do I have a dream, a goal and a path?  I sure do.  But my end result picture isn’t clear and it’s not even really on my radar right now.

It’s so easy to rush through all the things.  Everyday life has you on the run.  There is just so much to do every single day.  There are clothes to wash, meals to cook, and a house that never stays clean.  Children need rides, dogs need walking…the list goes on and on.  Your soul knows that you need moments.  A minute to slow down, to take a few breaths.  Your soul whispers…she won’t come and club you over the head to let you know what you need.  Just a few gentle tugs from your soul to your heart.  Listening to our whispers takes practice.

I’m not close to saying that I have perfected this sport because truly, I have not.  However, I have been taking time to enjoy the process of creating or baking or of just enjoying a particular slice of time.  Will I always be successful? Heck no, who ever is?  But I am making a conscious effort to recognize the grace of slowing down.  I think you should try it too. Imagine if we all just slowed down a bit and listened to the whispers? I bet those moments would come more abundantly.  We all deserve the gifts that come from listening to our whispers and enjoying the process from start to finish.