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The #Taggedbykindness Project Goes to School

photo (17)


A very dear friend of mine is the Advisor for the Early Act Club at one of our local elementary schools.  Early Act is a community service club that is supported by Rotary international.  All three of my children have been members of the Early Act Club.  I was very fortunate to be able to witness many of the community service projects these boys and girls accomplish throughout a school year.  They are a remarkable bunch of children.

My friend invited me to the Early Act meeting last Friday to share the #taggedbykindness project with this year’s club.  I was extremely excited to be able to bring this little project, that is growing by leaps and bounds, out into the community.  I was hoping that the kids would love it.

Due to time constraints we decided that creating the tags with markers would be the easiest way to accomplish our mission.  Each student received a tag to decorate any way they pleased.  We encouraged the boys and girls to include a cheery message as the Club would be delivering these tags the following week to one of our local nursing homes.  Each student was given one of my tags as a small gift that they could keep or give away as a thank you.


photo (19)

“Carriers of Kindness” creating tags to be given as RAK’s.

I was overjoyed how the children embraced this project.  The cheery messages they wrote on their tags were so positive and heartfelt.  Their excitement was contagious.  My friend and I were amazed at the level of creativity that these kids have.  A few of the messages really touched my heart.  To see these boys and girls put so much care and love into these tags is exactly why I started this project.

Over the last few months #taggedbykindness has started to grow wings of its own.  I have swapped tags with artists from Illinois, Maine and Nebraska.  We’re sharing positivity across the miles.  The ripple effect is amazing.  We can learn a lot from these children and how they embraced the concept of brightening someone else’s day.  Imagine if everyone took a moment and gave it a try.  What a beautiful universe we’d create!

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For more information on the #taggedkindness project and how you can become a “Carrier of Kindness” please drop me a line.

Fearlesslines Blog Showing Us Some Love

The lovely Amy from Fearlesslines has written a blog post about our #taggedbykindness project!  I’m gushing over the fact that the #taggedbykindness project is growing some wings.

Amy was the first “Carrier of Kindness” when she made a batch of tags for our project.  Oh the lucky, lucky recipients.   Amy your kindness, enthusiasm and support of #taggedbykindness has been so amazing.     Please go check out Amy’s post here!  While you’re there check out the other blog posts.  Amy and her friends are writing about some fabulous stuff! xoxo

A Snapshot of Amy's Beautiful Tags

A Snapshot of Amy’s Beautiful Tags




The Tagged By Kindness Project

Tagged By Kindness_2

It’s no secret that I love tags.  I rubberstamp them.  I tie them on to packages.  I paint them.  I am currently in a tag collaboration with another artist friend.  Little Known Fact: I also use a new tag as a book mark with every book that I read.  Sometimes I write just one word on the tag.  Or I use some of my washi tape to decorate it. I even doodle on them from time to time.  From this love of tags came the inspiration for the #taggedbykindness project.

I recently began decorating tags and tucking them into my library books before I return them.  I thought this would be a really fun way to spread some positivity through a Random Act of Kindness (RAK).  I always handwrite #taggedbykindness on the back.  Every once in a while I check social media to see if the tags have been found yet.

Tagged By Kindness

a little sample of the #taggedbykindness project


In all likelihood I will never meet any of the recipients of the #taggedbykindness project.  I’m fine with this reality.  That’s not the purpose of this project any way.  This is a very small way to send positive energy out in to the universe.  I hope that whoever finds these little tags is inspired to do something positive for someone else.  Oh the many possibilities of paying it forward…

I would love if you would join me in spreading some good vibes with the #taggedbykindness project.  Grab a few tags, decorate them anyway you’d like and spread them randomly in spots where they will one day be found.   We’re not just limited to library books.  I’m thinking coffee shops, dentist appointments (in the magazines).  How about in a restaurant?  Slip one under the tip for the waitress. Half the fun is figuring out where to leave these little pieces of papery goodness.

One small drop of kindness…imagine the ripple.